It always starts with our roots. Mine, as a friend once wrote about me, is living between the colonizer and the colonized and then you break free and you just are this beautiful blend of the gifts of your people. My people: The Quechua from the Bolivian Andean mountains, mixed with Spanish blood that settled on the land. The English and Irish that followed two years after the first European pilgrims landing on indigenous land in North America. And the gift of a people of a home, of a shared language and dominant culture, Mexico - my childhood home. In many ways I am a citizen of the world, learning to tread softly and in gratitude.

Learning is the one constant strand of my life. I learn through healing out of false narratives into truths spoken by Prophets in Holy Books. I learn through educational systems, Western, Eastern and Indigenous. I learn with community, in community.

I am a mother, wife, teacher of K12 and Higher Ed, doctoral student, educational consultant, writer, community builder, one more willing participant in this movement we call life.

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Ymasumac Maranon

A writer engaged in healing work - found a place in education — anxiously concerned with the needs of the age we live in!