Inner Healing: Why Change? Why Now?

Ymasumac Maranon
10 min readSep 2, 2018

Your Task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. — Rumi

I have been on a conscious healing journey since I was thirteen. I say conscious, because I think it began earlier, like eight, but I really sought out change when I was thirteen. When I began this journey I initially thought — there has to be something else other than the reality I have been given. This is not to say I didn’t have loving parents, because I did and still do. I have two amazing human beings with world-embracing visions and a deep commitment and love for humanity who raised me. And yet, there were also deep traumas and wounds that needed attention and healing within me. Thirty years later, I find myself deep in this healing work still. Yes, I now work with others in accompanying them on their own healing journey as an intuitive healer, but I continue on my own healing journey as well. As I reflect today on this continued journey I realize it’s purpose is not healing as defined by Western healing practices that treats a symptom of a malaise. It is instead a more holistic approach to healing that looks at the system, asks questions, and creates change where the system is no longer functioning to serve the human being it sustains at its highest level. What does this mean?

Here’s how I broke it down in my own quest to understand what healing looks like for me today.

Our Blueprint

We are born with the nobility and gift of who we are from the start. Often, when working with clients, I ask them to consider that this noble part of who they are is still intact and somewhere within them. One of the ways I consider how this noble part might look is by making the following statement:

When the Creator thought of me, whoever the Creator thought of when He created Ymasumac, that is who I am at my essence, at my highest self.

What flows from this statement has to be love at its highest expression. Why? Because, whoever the Creator is — beyond definitions of masculinity and femininity — is a being who created the mountains, the ocean, the rivers and forests, all of this majesty…whoever this Being is, also created me. So I have to be pretty fantastic. Why is it then, that I don’t feel this way? Why don’t I see my majesty and nobility?

Within us our parents, family, community build a blueprint of who we are informed by their own blueprints…

Ymasumac Maranon

A writer engaged in healing work - found a place in education — anxiously concerned with the needs of the age we live in!